My Fiction

A sampling of my published short stories:

A Completely New Life was nominated for a Pushcart Prize after appearing in Potomac Review in Spring 2009. An excerpt:
She had curly auburn hair and sad eyes. Her face was interesting, Andy thought, lightly freckled, dimpled and soft at the edges. Her resume stated that she’d been a hand-and-face model at one time. She was also a "talented country singer" who had lived in Nashville for a time. But there was more. She was a convicted felon. She’d checked the felon box on an application that Andy had mailed her after their phone interview. On the line requesting an explanation, she had simply written, "Fifteen years ago, Pennsylvania statute 18-6301." Andy hadn’t looked up the crime she committed. The mystery about it only added to the aura about her.

He Never Talked About You won the 2008 Flash Fiction Contest at Red Cedar Review and appeared in the 2009 edition. It has been archived by Project MUSE at

The Stuff Left Behind appeared in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Epiphany and was a finalist in the 2008 Fiction Contest at Crab Creek Review. An excerpt:
It had rained for four days straight, and the old dam in Venango County was leaking and about to be breached. Cuppy Forster and his wife had left their small town beneath the dam and were headed to their daughter’s place in Pittsburgh to wait it out. They were 20 miles out of town when Cuppy realized what he’d left behind. He felt a ping in his gut and looked back in the rearview mirror, like the box might be sitting on the roadside somewhere. Downed branches and wet leaves were strewn across the roadway, and a steady stream of cars were headed south with their headlights on.
“We have to go back,” he said to his wife Anna. “I forgot something.”
They’d hardly spoken since traffic had started moving just outside of town, and Anna was slumped in the passenger seat while rain pelted their shit-brown Buick and the wipers slapped back and forth.
“Wha—what did you forget?”
“My Vietnam stuff.”

They Hover Over Us appeared in PANK, May 2009. Read the entire story at

Her First appeared in Atticus Review in November 2011. Read the entire story at

Bottled appeared in Forge Journal, July 2010. Read the entire story at

The Night Smoke Finds Religion appeared in Freight Train Magazine, June 2010. Read the entire story at